Apparently, CPS Central Office sent out an email last night confirming that the new Student-Based Budgeting (SBB) Base Rate for schools is potentially $2,495 per student.

That means new Student Based Budgeting Rates per students per grade would be:

  • K-3 SBB rate (Base Rate x 1.07) = $2,670
  • 4-8 SBB rate (Base Rate) = $2,495
  • 9-12 SBB rate (Base Rate x 1.24) = $3,094

When students sat in their classrooms on the 10th day of school in 2015, the SBB per pupil looked like this:

  • Students in grades K-3: $4,697 per student
  • Students in grades 4-8: $4,390 per student
  • Students in grades 9-12: $5,444 per student

That isn’t a cut from last Fall to this Fall of 39%. It’s a cut of 43%.

Here is why it matters to compare 10th day to 10th day and not START with the mid-year cuts.

When the mid-year cuts occurred, principals were left scrambling to keep the people and programs already running in place for students who were in the middle of their school year. For many schools, this involved deferring expenses on needed items (books, computers that work, supplies, needed upgrades to curriculum, etc.) to cover the cost of the cuts.

Those deferred expenses temporarily covered some of the cuts for many schools. The NEEDS are still there, but the money is gone. And more will be cut.

Comparing Fall 2015 to Fall 2016, the potential cut is 43%.

Worse than we thought. Worse that they originally told principals (20% of SBB in early May). Worse than 39% that they suggested to principals and the press yesterday before the evening email from Central Office.

This is what a 43% cut from the 10th day budget of Fall 2015 looks like per school.


Here is the mention of the original Fall 2015 SBB Base rate on CPS Budget webpage:




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