[UPDATE~ These potential cuts were reported as larger in subsequent meetings…see the most recent data we have here.]

Numerous sources have sent along information that Forrest Claypool and his staff shared with selected principals at focus group meetings earlier in May 2016 that estimated cuts to next year’s school budgets at 20% of Student-Based Budgeting (SBB) amounts if the State does not resolve its own budget issues by May 31, 2016 (and cuts may happen even if the State does since CPS can no longer borrow money).

Other cuts could include assistant principal positions at some schools and magnet school positions at CPS magnet and magnet cluster schools.

The 4.3% cuts to SBB mid-year hit many CPS schools very hard. Principals and teachers were left scrambling to keep programs already in progress operating smoothly. Twenty percent cuts to Student-Based Budgeting for each school would be catastrophic. The message was that CPS would have to raise class sizes (CPS already has some of the largest class sizes in the State of Illinois), and share already scarce art, music, and counseling teachers/services between multiple schools (which would create havoc with planning and curriculum meetings between grades and classrooms).

To view the estimated cut to your school’s budget in CPS based on a 20% reduction in Student-Based Budgeting, you can look up your school on the list here.

CPSApples2Apples used Fall 2015 enrollment numbers to calculate these estimates.

**It was confirmed at the 20-for-20 Townhall Meeting at Senn HS on Wednesday, May 11, 2016 that these potential budget cuts were presented to CPS principals earlier this month.

What can you do as a parent or community member? IL Raise Your Hand (RYH) is an amazing resource for connecting with community members and parents working to move the needle on equitable funding and better CPS policies. 


Check out strategies for contacting politicians and working together for change at the RYH Facebook page.


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