I just want to reiterate that the CPS Apples to Apples project is larger than me, or any one person.

After I set up the initial release of data as a prototype of what this COULD be, I have had a steady stream of helpful and talented CPS parents, educators, journalists and Chicagoans joining in to:

  • offer up data,
  • suggest different ways of looking at the data and interpreting it,
  • designing infographics to enhance understanding of the data,
  • creating/coding visual interpretations of understanding the data,
  • playing with alternative suggestions and ideas for ways to extend the project and involve others.

That is really the fun of opening up the data and opportunities to anyone.  That is why we use Google Fusion to allow others to access and play with the data that we find and format. And formats that also allow others to pull the data into a variety of software programs most familiar to them.  It is a most satisfying way to engage communities across the Internet.

During the last 6-8 weeks, the following stakeholders have intersected with the Apples to Apples project, and I am thankful to all of them.


This project would also not have been possible without the willingness of the City of Chicago, the Illinois State Board of Education, and Chicago Public Schools to publish their data online.  It isn’t always in the most user-friendly format, but it does allow us to gain access to the data that our tax dollars have paid for and use it in a way that increases transparency, understanding, and community engagement.

We’re hoping to publish our next round of data releases soon, this time with the help of even more CPS parents who have joined our efforts.  I’ll introduce them soon!

Just think, it has only been one month since we released our first data set. What a great start!

It’s always better to be working together with smart and involved people. So thank you, all of you.


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