Why aren’t we asking better questions about re-opening? Parents, we can do better.

While I appreciate the issues of families deciding to send/not send in person, I’m actually MORE worried about the safety of teachers and staff. Does anyone have updated data on the percentage of teachers/staff (clerks, janitors, paraprofessionals, etc.) who have been able to get fully vaccinated? I’m hearing only anecdotal reports and why aren’t parents more focused on that?

I don’t want adults in the building to be infected from asymptomatic students and potentially infect family members in their homes. And I’m not seeing that they are convinced that even vaccinated people cannot be carriers.

Where is CPS tracking and communicating the vaccination status of the following (by race and school would be amazing, since I’m asking):

  • Teachers
  • Paraprofessionals & Aides
  • Clerks & Administration
  • Bus Drivers
  • Janitors
  • Lunchroom workers

Also, does anyone have updated data on the schools in the District with dedicated nurses or health administrators? In reviewing the re-opening plans of other districts, all have nurses or dedicated health administrators onsite and, the way the plans are written, those roles are critical in mitigation?

What say you, Chicago Public Schools? Dr. Jackson?  Mayor? Can we have this data?

Can any parents insist on that data? Northside white parents, can you schedule a Zoom call for that?

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