UPDATE: We’re already updating the data based on crowdsourced remarks that we research and can verify.  Please see bottom of this post for update notices.

Inching towards a pretty decent dataset.

I’ve used Tabula to liberate the data from the CPS Master Facilities Plan and added it to the current dataset.  Did some specific checks/edits based upon some crowdsourced feedback (thank you, all).

Again, although this is not the ideal and completely verified dataset, closer than we’ve ever been.  There is much more to verify, including re-running the GPS Coordinates to make sure that they are definitely correct.

Use with caution, explore as needed.  Remember that unverified data cannot be used for diagnosis, just dialogue.

Send updates and feedback (and questions) to Josh and I in care of CPSApples2Apples.




(1/22/14, 9:21 am) Dataset updated to v3. Two charter schools (Aspira-Ramirez + Aspira-Haugan) w/ switched 10th day enrollment, Ideal Capacity, # of Classrooms. Made changes.

(1/22/14, 8:47 am) v2 Update: Changed 2013-2014 status of 4 schools to “Phase Out”: Dyett HS, Crane HS, Chicago Talent Development, Shabazz-DuSable.  Many thanks. 

v3 Update:

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