If you are citing CPS Apples 2 Apples or acknowledge the source of any of the following data, we recommend the following format using APA-7.

For blog posts:

Olson, J. M. (Year of Blog post). [Blog post title]. CPSApples2Apples.com. Retrieved [Month, Day Year], from [URL]

For Primary Data Sets published on this site:

Olson, J.M. & Kalov, J. (2012). [Data set title] [Date file and codebook]. Retrieved from https://cpsapples2apples.com/apples-to-apples-stats-and-data-sources/

The URL for CPS Apples 2 Apples updates to reflect the different presentations and analyses of the data. You can use those URLs to link to or cite.

All of CPS Apples 2 Apples’ spatial, textual, and other data are licensed under a

Creative Commons License

Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License